Van Badham @vanbadham and her endless abuse

@vanbadham is an account of a columnist for @GuardianAus she is also an account on #auspol that a lot of people seem to look up to.

The question is why?

Here is how @vanbadham behaves on twitter, you really have to ask why do the  @GuardianAus employ people like this, it really is a bad reflection on the  @GuardianAus.

Remember this is one of the people who was outraged at the treatment of Julia Gillard online and went on about how bad it was, then we see @vanbadham make tweets like the above.


These were the series of @vanbadham‘s witty super cool clever replies.  But lets actually look at what the lady says in the picture, compared to the responses from @vanbadham.  What we see is the Lady in the picture is a strong indipendant women who can fight her own battles and look after herself and does not need to blame men for her problems.

While @vanbadham is a sexist victim who can’t accept responsibility for her problems and looks to blame men for her failings in life at every opportunity she gets.

The Lady in the picture above does not want or is going to give anything back and she is strong and capable enough to not need the “Help” of people like @vanbadham, if you can call the sexist rants of @vanbadham help.

Here we have another example of the class that is @vanbadham this one is so good I just had to show you.

vanbadham the bitter inner bogan abuse comes out she has no self control







These are the kind of tweets that certain people in #auspol think are really cool and clever, they make @vanbadham look really smart and someone who should be listened to.  I have only shown a handful of her tweets her, in her timeline on Twitter there are literally 1000’s of tweets containing this disgusting abusive language and non-valid arguments based on nothing but her uncontrollable emotions and hatred of men.

Here are some other examples of the disgraceful behavior, foul language and non valid arguments @vanbadham has become well know for and her groupies think make her such a special person that they should all listen to.   

TIM Blair deconstructs the outpouring of Twitter grief and fury by The Guardian’s Van Badham.

Van Badham vs Tim Blair

Tweeter @Vanbadham, Tweets

The Sky News Contrarians “social media experiment” here Van Badham was almost kicked off the set and displayed a serious lack of emotional control and a true hatred for men, this is a must see video as @vanbadham truly exposed herself as someone that simply cannot be taken seriously with her uncontrolled out bursts of sexist hate, fabrication of facts and total disrepest for anyone that will not agree with her extremist views.


6 thoughts on “Van Badham @vanbadham and her endless abuse

  1. Disgusting little troll.
    She ought to be sued for libel.
    If I posted the same things about the fat little bitch she would sue.

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