Fake Facts of Hate

Watching #auspol you see a pattern, a pattern of miss quotes, half truths and more or less straight out lies.  There are some accounts in #auspol who more or less specialize in this tactic of what can only be called dishonest.  I will highlight a few examples from the accounts who think they own this hash-tag and also highlight another pattern or trend in my conclusion.

Here we see @Gordicans using a “Fake Fact” to try and win an argument he is losing.  Former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard did not support “Apartheid” in South Africa, unlike the false claim made by @Gordicans.  What John Howard did not support was sanctions, the reason was because historically sanctions have generally failed to achieve what they were intended to do.  In many cases sanctions actually hurt the people they are trying to help more than achieve the stated goal.

Here are some quotes from Former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard about Mandela and the end of apartheid in South Africa.

I have no doubt that what happened here in South Africa in the early 1990s was right and just. I have no doubt that it was made possible by the combined efforts of two men, of Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk.

Mandela, I think I have said before, is one of the most impressive people I have met in life and I think it’s a remarkable tribute to mankind’s capacity to forgive that a person who could have lost 27 years of his life in detention without, in the eyes of some, a proper process and the sort of appalling conditions in which he was imprisoned can complete the transition that he completed is an extraordinary thing.

Here are some quotes from Former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard about sanctions.

I mean, historically sanctions have been relative failures. I have to say that history demonstrated they probably have some value in relation to South Africa. I think they did. But they didn’t work in Rhodesia, very effectively. Years and years ago they didn’t work in the old Abyssinia, now Ethiopia. But the Americans have maintained them very strenuously in relation to Iraq and many people would argue that they’ve had some impact there. I think the jury has to be out, I think it depends entirely, Karen, on what the particular circumstance is.

Here is the link to the interview with John Howard where the quotes are taken from


Here is an #auspol classic, the “Science is settled” you will see this kind of thing said over and over again.

Problem is the science is not settled, in a way science is never settled, science is always up for review as new information comes to hand.

Climate Change and science again, this is an image I have seen quite a lot being pushed in #auspol and it’s simple to explain why this is a “Fake Fact”. The problem with this graphic based on a so called search of “Peer Reviewed Only” papers by James Powell is that no one in science really is arguing that AGW is/does not happen, the science of this is well accepted and has been for around a century or more. With the first reference to CO2 having an influence on the climate way back in the 1896 by Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius, the debate in science has been continuing ever since.

Next when we look into this graphic we find a few disturbing issues.

  • The context of how the “search phrases” were used in all the results was never determined.
  • The results are padded by not using the search qualifier “anthropogenic‎”.
  • The 2,258 results cannot be claimed to be peer-reviewed as the Web of Science does not have a peer-reviewed only filter.
  • It is a straw-man argument that most skeptics deny or reject that man can have an influence on the climate, but rather if there is any cause for alarm.

Here is the author of the study methodology

So looking at this methodology we see the search used,
“Search with Topic=”global warming” AND Topic=” global climate change” in the second field.”

really this is as far as we need to go, why?  Well because virtually all people in science agree that the climate is changing, has always changed and will continue to change. Virtually all people in science agree on and accept the concept of AGW, this “Study” confirms that, but again this is not the actual debate.  The debate is how big is the effect of man-made CO2 on the climate, this study does not determine this one way or the other.

So the graphic a fake fact, it tries to imply (to the people who are not actually interested in the science) that this so-called massive agreement in published papers proves the current debate about climate change is settled, problem is, it’s the wrong debate.  Really what this shows is a debate that happened long ago is more or less settled which neither the pro or skeptic side of the current debate dispute.  So this graphic is actually a “Fake Fact Con”.

This one is a disgrace, but the author of this tweet @geeksrulz Tony Yegels has a long history in #auspol for this kind of tasteless fake fact, it’s almost what his entire account consists of.

In this Tweet he now claims out Navy personal are preparing battle, actually fight/combat asylum seekers coming on boats to Australia.  I really don’t think I even need to explain this one, I am sure that people already know this is a false claim and once again a “Fake Fact of Hate”

Here is the #NBN classic, that @rupertmurdoch and Foxtel have instructed the Liberal National Party to scarp the #NBN.  Why? The claim that the #NBN is a threat to Foxtel and NewsLtd.

The reason this is a Fake Fact is simple, the Coalition are going to provide a Broadband to the Australian Public quicker than the Labor Party, it will also cost much less.  This means that more people will have access to fast broadband sooner and more people will be able to afford to connect to the #NBN.

Now people like @geeksrulz try to claim that if more people have access to fast cheap broadband this will be a bad thing for the Foxtel and NewsLtd business.  Therefore @rupertmurdoch has instructed the Liberal National Party/Coalition to scrap the Labor #NBN so that @rupertmurdoch can hang on to more customers for longer.  The problem with this argument is as I stated above, the Liberal National Party will deliver broadband to more people sooner with a lower cost to access it.  So in reality the Labor Party #NBN is actually better for Foxtel and NewsLtd.

Climate change again, “Latest Proven Science” I think the issue here is that @Imlay1992 is under the false impression that the doom and gloom predictions of people in #auspol about the issue of catastrophic climate change are “Proven”.  If this was the case there would be no debate, but there is.  The problem with this issue seems mostly to come from the false belief which is used as fact in #auspol often that the science is settled.  It’s easy to see this is again a Fake Fact when we look at the IPCC reports and what the have predicted then what has actually happened.  Climate models are used as Fact in this argument, rather than real data, this is where this false belief that it’s all over game set and match comes from.  The problem is the Climate Models are incorrect, regardless of this people like @Imlay1992 use arguments based on them to claim the science is settled.


This is a simple graphic which shows how the climate models and actual data differ, this models which are the basis for the doom and gloom predictions are no correct.  In fact they are not even close to being correct and as time goes on the trend is that are more and more incorrect in what they have predicted.


Here is a reconstruction of previous inter-glacial periods, which shows that current climate is still within a normal rage.


This is a climate reconstruction of the last couple 1000 years, it shows a couple of things that people like @Imlay1992 seem to ignore when they make the false claims that the science is proven and the debate is over etc.  First is the “Temperature Record” began, it began at the low period near the end of the “Little Ice Age” so it’s not really unexpected that records should be set if we are coming from the lowest point in the last couple 1000 years.


This graphic is a climate reconstruction for the last 600 million years, this really tells a very different story than what the people like @Imlay1992@geeksrulz,  @Gordicans or any of the others that try to claim the science is settled in #auspol.  Average global temperature is around 20 degrees C for the majority, levels of CO2 have been up to 7000 ppm with no real direct relationship to average global temperatures.  This graphic also shows if anything we should in the future expect a major increase in average global temperatures, no man-made climate change required, this clearly shows that the current global average is very low, also current CO2 ppm levels are also very low, in fact the lowest for last 600 million years.

Here is a Fake Fact made by @TheEdRant Indonesia does have laws to prosecute people smugglers you can read about them here.

Indonesia enacts new immigration law to curb people smuggling

Before these new laws were enacted in 2011, Indonesia could also prosecute people smugglers under weaker immigration laws from 1992, which you can read about here.

INDONESIA: Tough laws needed to curb people-smuggling

So it’s clear @TheEdRant tweet is a Fake Fact.

This is just a small handful of examples of Fake Facts used in #auspol but I also promised a to show a pattern in my conclusion.  So what is that pattern? All these Fact Facts come from one side of the political divide in #auspol, the more you watch #auspol the more you see this pattern repeat.  One side of the political divide in #auspol use Fake Facts far more than the other.  With a lot of these being based on not a lot more than “Hate”

The reason I used the above accounts in this post is because they are the accounts I see who use Fake Facts the most often along with bully tactics and a gang mentality when anyone tries to challenge them on these false claims.  As you can see in the timelines of these accounts, when they are challenged, the gang come along to bully, intimidate and insult the individual who is asking or has shown the tweets are wrong.


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