As I watched #auspol I noticed a pattern, a pattern of hate, the same accounts attacking, insulting and abusing anyone who dared to have a different view.

Even if this view was based in fact, just the hint of not agreeing with these few accounts in  #auspol can lead to an onslaught of hate coming your way.

The same few accounts who do not much more than try to intimidate, harass and abuse people who offer a different perspective than the one they hold themselves.  Even when these accounts are obviously wrong, they don’t stop, in fact they ramp up the abuse to hide the embarrassment and often join as a pack in the attempt to discredit the person who has exposed the hole in their argument.

So I decided to create an archive of the hate tweeted in #auspol by these people, just to show how out of control these people really are and how just a handful of accounts are trying to dominate the #auspol hash-tag to distort the truth to suit their own political agenda.